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How to Make Your Own Aloe Infused Socks

Though aloe vera infused socks are not too expensive, making your own can always be a fun option. The benefits of such socks have been proven, and you too can take advantage of this with some items that may be laying around your household. This can be done in five easy steps. What you need: […]

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What Makes A Reliable Raincoat Supplier?

Raincoats come in handy in keeping you dry when it rains. When you choose right, you can actually get a raincoat that keeps you dry and warm at the same time. As a retailer, you will want to choose a manufacturer and supplier who makes your order and delivery of the garments easy. There are […]

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Mooncup Review

I first came across the Mooncup about a year ago. My periods returned approximately 9 months after the birth of my second child. At first they were manageable, but as time went by they started to get more painful and far heavier. Since starting my periods at the age of 9, I have had problems […]

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How to Shop on a Budget?

We all have our struggle with finances. Depending on how much you earn and how much you save, the shopping budget is set. It becomes difficult to shop for everything at once if you are working on a budget. So if you want to buy jewellery or clothes, here is how you go about it […]

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